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Tips to reduce hyperpigmentation

Tips to reduce hyperpigmentation
simple tips to help you reduce skin pigmentation naturally and acquire a healthy-looking glowing skin.

Hyperpigmentation, now-a-days which has became a common skin condition due to several reasons, due to this skin appears with uneven brown or dark or tan patches. Melanin pigment is a substance produced by the melanocytes cells, this melanin is used to find out our skin tone and hair color. But when the over production of melanin from melanocytes occur, then it leads to the hyperpigmentation problem. The major factors for the increase in the melanin production are sun exposure, drug reaction, hormonal changes and genetic factors. In few cases acne vulgaris also stands as a reason for the hyperpigmentation. Many of us had been or have been through this pigmentation in small or large scales in the form of dark skin patches, moles, birthmarks and aging spots. By identifying them in the early stages we can manage them smoothly.

This pigmentation affects on both the sides of the face especially it affects on the areas of upper lip, forehead, nose bridge and cheekbones. Dermatologist can explore the type of hyperpigmentation you are being with, from the various forms like Melasma, Lentigenes or liver spots, Freckles or ephelides and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Melasma is mainly caused with the hormonal factors including pregnancy, menopausal changes and birth control pills indigestion. if a person is over exposed to sun light, it results for the liver spots.

What are the cause for hyperpigmentation


If you are exposing to heat for big amount of time, it will leads to skin pigmentation because the cells which produce melanin may got disturbed and results for the pigmentation. Just like the ultra violet rays damaging the melanin producing cells melanocytes. Some times thermal radiation also disturbs the melanocytes.


When you are hit by injury, after few days the wound will be reverted and skin formed like the prior. But in some cases the redness and swelling remains long and that inflammation area may turns into hyperpigmentation area.


Medication is also one of the reason for the hyperpigmentation, due to the side affects caused by medicines pigmentation development takes place.


Diseases like jaundice and cyanosis may also results for the skin pigmentation. In jaundice the skin grow a yellow color and coming to, cyanosis the Glowing skin looks blue in color due to because of insufficient circulation of oxygen in the blood.

The hyper-pigmentation can be treated by

Laser treatment can help you to come out from discoloration.
Try to avoid direct expose to sun rays for long hours.
Use a mild soap or cleanser for face cleaning.
Don’t use the creams or cleansers which are irritating your skin.
Dab a little amount of castor oil to the face and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your face with the help of mild soap.
Try to apply multani mitti face pack with the addition of rose water.
Last but the very vital step is to drink plenty of water to discard the toxins exist in the body.

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