Saturday, March 6, 2010

Summer Hair Care | Long and strong hair | Hair Care

Most people want their hair silky and shiny. No matter what the type of hair they have, be it straight, curly, long, short, oily, dry, thin or thick all want their hair to look good and manageable.

mash a banana and put halt tea spoone. to give a natural brownish colour to ur hairs.

2.apply amla juice on hair roots and wash it when it dries.It stops hair fall

3.use of caster oil before going to bath it gives smooth and silky hair

4.apply curd to the hair twice a week remain it for 15 minutes and take headbath with shikai powder u will get a shining & healthy hair.

take 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 spoons of olive oil.apply on ur hair after 20 min wash off with a mild shampoo.ur hair grows long with silky shin

6.For the hair it is very important to wash our hair daily but to retain its natural oil
we should not shampoo it every day, alternate shampoo with conditioner every other day because shampoo cleanses our hair from dirt but it also washes its natural oil. avoid using gel or hair spray they contribute to dandruff and hair dyeing also dries our hair, keeping it clean is enough, also balance diet is important and taking vitamins for skin and hair would be very helpful.

7.To prepare ur magical solution for healthy,shining,long and strong hair go through the following steps:
1.take 1 tsp of honey,1 tsp of olive oil,and 1 tsp of lime..
2..add 1 egg in it.
3..apply thoroughly on ur hair from roots to tips.
4..leave for 20mins.wash it.

8.At first apply aome oil in the hair and leave it for 20 min the get henna powder (
it is available in all beauty parlours) then add some white part of the egg and mix it well then apply it in the hair fully,then leave it a whole day then wash it with a mild shampoo next will be more silky.....

9.before wash massage with warm oil ,keep for 20 to 25 min. rep hot towel or give steam with dryer for 5 min. than shampoo ,light condisoner , do all the time before wash, and trim after every 2 month about 1" . you will see healthy and shiny hair.

10 .Put plian yougrt genoursely all over your hair for 20-30mint. than wash hair, you'll have shiny soft storng ends hair

11.Before u shampoo ur hair mix 2 tsp of vinegar and egg yolk and apply on the hair by each scalp or..and leave for 15 mins u can..also add vinegar to ur shampoo..and apply..leave for 10 mins

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