Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shiny glowing skin | Natural Glowing | Flawless and Glowing Skin

Skin Care
Skin CareSkin is the mirror of human body. Shiny glowing skin signifies healthy body, nutrition and exercise. Dull, yellow and shine less skin means need for skin care. Skin is the most vital and important part of body that actually helps to look beautiful. If you wear beautiful cloths, designer jewelry, but there is no shine on your skin, than you will not look beautiful.

Her are some tips for glowing skin:

1.Put chirongi in kachha milk and keep for 5-6 hrs. take out chirongi and make a paste of it and apply on your face. it will make your skin fair and glowing.

2.apply banana masag for 15mins after that wash ur face it gives glow.

3.castor oil is very benificial for wrinkles.


5.A facemask of egg white and honey gently removes the tan from your face.

6.besan,lemon juice,curd,turmeric powder,rose water mix all these all apply once a week 4 glow.

7.Take same amount of rose water,lemon juice & honey,mix all the three and apply it for 15 minutes,then wash with cold not give glow but also moisterise your skin.

8.wash ur face as soon as u r from out side so u can avoid dust on ur skin it makes ur skin to feel fresh always i hope it may result u best always .

9.for glowing skin take white part of egg add one tablespoon of honey and milk mix it for sometime to make a paste and apply it to ur face for fifteen minutes and then wash it with plain water.

10.Aloevera act as toner n gives white skin

11.apply 5-7 ml of Rose water (GULABRI-GULAB ARK) ON FACE,CHEEKS from downward to upward. u may apply it on LIPS make them from appealing

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